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Artificial Turf Contractors

Lawn Fitters are one of the leading providers of clean, safe, and high-quality artificial grass for both residential commercial & applications. We offer a range of artificial turf specifically manufactured to match every client’s needs.    

We started the company with the Intention of providing very high standards in the Artificial Turf Industry, only using high-quality weather resistant synthetic turf & installed by professional qualified turf fitters/ installers, giving our customers a true five-star service.

We are confident that we provide such degree of service; we set warranties up to 15 years

We specialize in numerous turf applications, from simple residential back yards to large commercial projects, landscaping, golf & putting green, baseball fields, playground turf, pet area turf, front and back yards, and even other places that were never expected to be applicable…

Our professional installers are ready for any request and will do their best to install lush and beautiful artificial grasses to wherever you deem fit – even if it takes us to the top of your building.

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                   Common Questions


Will the Grass Fade? We install turf that won’t fade or lose the “Fresh Cut Look.” It will look great for many years to come as it is manufactured with a special UV protective coating that will only lose less than 1% per year due to fading. In fact, after 10 years it still won’t be detectable to the human eye.




Is it a good Investment? Yes, environmental benefits, financial benefits, and time saving benefits. Water is a precious resource increasing in price, and wasting water on grass that is brown and burnt out does not make sense, not to mention pesticides. Your property will be easier to sell(if ever you plan to) and look more attractive, and you won’t be wasting time mowing the lawn on the weekends Artificial Turf is here to stay.                                                                                

How much will I save by on water? This is a good question. It will depend on where you live & the size of your lawn. For example in California, you may be eligible for a water rebate calculated by the amount of Grass you replace with synthetic grass. It varies but the rate for Waterworks District of greater Los Angeles, is $150 per 500 square feet. You will also benefit from the ongoing yearly savings on water usage normally a standard household will use 57% of its water usage on outdoor areas, to find out more on rebates, contact us.

Is it Suitable for Pets? Due to the  easy drainage of the product simply collect and remove any dog waste as you normally would do then rinse down with a hose. The turf will be clean and the water will drain away quickly as you would expect – simple and easy.

Maintenance? There is very little maintenance  to do with synthetic grass. All you need to do is use a lawn blower to blow or sweep the leaves with a yard brush, keep an eye on weeds that may appear around the edges, we do treat them when we install the lawn but occasionally they may grow again.

How long does it take to install ? Most jobs we complete in 1 to 3 days depending on the scale of the project, we will be able to tell you exactly when we look at the project.

Does it stain? No, we don’t know of anything that will stain the grass. However, it would be better to avoid spilling oil or paint on the grass.

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FREE Garden Design Consultation

Do you need some help with design ideas? For us at Lawn Fitters, we believe that excelling at one aspect is not enough, – and never will be – it should be a total package. We offer free design consultation for every job we no matter how big or small



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Residential Artificial Turf

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Pet Turf

Garden Design Consultation

Putting Greens

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Not only is artificial turf appealing to the eye, it also has added benefits. Synthetic grass will give you more free time and less hassle as it is maintenance-free.                                                           

The environmental benefits are impressive. You will be saving on water usage, tremendously. No more lawn care tasks for costly gardeners, no more expensive lawn mower repairs, reduce harmful pesticides and chemicals that are dangerous to your health, reduce allergens.

Lawn Fitters are happy to present you our quality products and services for your new lawn, our friendly agents are on the line ready to answer all your queries.

We are excited to serve and be a part of your project no matter how small or big it is. “Lawn Fitters” are here to help make your dream landscape come true – plus removing the maintenance. Try our services today!



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